[OSGeo-Discuss] Display of Multibeam data in open source gis

cruiserad at comcast.net cruiserad at comcast.net
Fri Jul 16 17:30:33 PDT 2010

am in a quandry,

have dense/large multibeam files i wish to display i a GIS for various purposes, essentially XYZ files, in DD WGS84 coordinates, ASCII tab-delimited or Mapinfo mid-mif formats, up to 10-million points plus in a datset. 
1. have tried GVsig and quantumGIS, but neither seems to like the ascii tab-delimited format.
2. Quantum does not like the Mid-mif files i have, and it appears GVsig does not take the format

Everything open-source GIS seems to want CSV or shapefiles.

Am i missing an import step in either package which would  import these data in either format?
IS there a mid to shape converter for point data that might solve my problem (I've tried FWtools)?
am i exceeding the display capability of either/both packages?

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