[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member Nomination for Bob Basques [acceptence of nomination]

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Mon Nov 21 12:01:45 PST 2011


I would like to thank Steve L. for his nomination and trust in me
related to OSGEO and other topics that we've worked together on in the
past.  Steve is in large part responsible for my interest in Open Source
alternatives that began with the use of MapServer in the early 90's. 

I've never really thought about being recognized officially other than
possibly wanting to vote on some interesting OSGEO issues here and there
over the years.  While I tried to attend the first OSGEO birthing
meeting, I ended up watching the process from the sidelines.  I seem to
have gotten my views on things out there never the less during my
participation on the (OSGEO) lists (I'm on nine of them right now), I
should also mention that I'm also on a few other open source lists that
are not specifically Geo related, and that I work in the area of
application usability.   

My main interest is in making the complicated tasks easier to
accomplish, for the ordinary user, primarily with Open Source tools
where feasible.  I also work with software and hardware in combination
to build information systems from the ground up, while others projects
are just intended as improvements to existing systems. 

My varied background in hardware and Geo related processes is
extensive, and it's in this cross pollination of ideas and open source
projects that I think makes me a valuable asset to OSGEO. 

NOTE: I don't know that the following is pertinent or related to this
response, but I include it because I would like to see a similar list
from others about their interests / uses of OS software. Additionally, a
area of general expertise might be nice.  Things like I'm interested in
promoting the US National Grid (USNG) for example. 

OpenSource background: 

Fluent in: MapServer and Mapfiles, GeoMoose, Perl, Shell scripts,
AutoCAD (FDO, WMS, WFS), Oracle Spatial 

Somewhat Fluent in: GDAL/OGR, QGIS, Open Layers, MapScript, Apache,

Have used: MSQL, Nagios, Drupal, Plone, X3D 

Experimenting(ed) with: LAMP, QGGIS (portable - Android), Portable
GeoMoose Stack (Apache, GeoMoose, PostGIS, Openlayers), Pano3D, 3dPDF,
GeoPDF, Android OS 


Bob Basques 

>>> "Lime, Steve D (DNR)" <Steve.Lime at state.mn.us> wrote:

Hi all:  

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to nominate Bob Basques as an OSGeo
charter member. Bob works for the City of St. Paul and has long been a
user and advocate of free and open source software and data. He is the
founder of the GeoMOOSE project (geomoose.org ( http://www.geomoose.org
)) an increasingly popular client environment that leverages other
projects such as MapServer and Open Layers. 
Bob has been a frequent contributor in local (Twin Cities MapServer
Group), state (MN GIS/LIS) and global (FOSS4G) events, doing
presentations and delivering workshops.  
Most importantly, Bob’s an idea guy, someone that every organization
needs. He is always thinking of new ways to use FOSS software and data
to solve day-to-day business needs. Those ideas have had an impact not
only the software he has developed, but also the software he makes use
of. I’m grateful for his input over the years. 
In short, I think Bob would be value addition to the OSGeo charter
membership ranks. 
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