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Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Wed Jul 24 01:58:37 PDT 2013

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this is a minor correction, we actually have 37 potential new members!

Sorry for this mistake.

Best regards,

On 24.07.2013 10:55, Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) wrote:
> Board, the nomination for new Charter Members has ended. We have 35
> nominees, please find all the details here: 
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/New_Member_Nominations_2013
> As per board motion from 2013-07-11 [1] we limit the influx of new 
> member to 30. This (arbitrary) decision was taken because 30 is a
> nice compromise between 10% and one third of the number of the
> existing membership (14 and 48 new members) which are the limits as
> per our bylaws.
> I propose to not have a (s)election and accept all nominees into 
> Charter membership. I can see no reason that would justify
> excluding anybody from this great list of nominees and we are still
> well in scope of our bylaws. If you firmly believe that an election
> is crucial to our mission and goal I will duly follow your advice
> and start the elections tomorrow (2013-07-25). I am sorry that this
> is a very short notice to change something so important.
> I suggest that one of you starts a motion stating something along
> the lines of: "I motion to accept all 35 nominees into Charter
> Membership and override the decision taken in the last board
> meeting."
> Ideally we will be able to get +1 votes from all board members
> asap. In case of strong objection please answer with a veto (-1)
> immediately in which case I will take a deep breath, sigh and
> continue with the elections.
> Best regards, Arnulf
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