[OSGeo-Discuss] 2015 Code Sprint - thank-yous, recap, and reflections

Robert Cheetham cheetham at azavea.com
Sat Feb 14 14:53:07 PST 2015

A quick thank-you to all of the 40+ sprinters as well as the sponsors that
supported the 2015 OSGeo Code Sprint in Philadelphia this past week.  While
it was frigid outside, a lot was accomplished inside the Friends Center.

We also had a great group of sponsors (including the OSGeo Board
many of which were supporting the code sprint for the first time.  The
final list included:

*Gold Sponsor: *LocationTech <http://locationtech.org/>

*Silver Sponsors: *Airborne Interactive <http://www.airborne.aero/>, Boundless
Geospatial <http://boundlessgeo.com/>

*Bronze Sponsors: *AGI <http://www.cesiumjs.org/>, CartoDB
<http://www.cartodb.com/>, Coordinate Solutions
<http://www.coordinatesolutions.com/>, Farallon Geographics
<http://www.fargeo.com/>, Hobu <http://www.hobu.co/>, Mapzen
<http://www.mapzen.com/>, Mobile Geographics
<http://www.mobilegeographics.com/>, OpenSCG <http://www.openscg.com/>,
Typesafe <https://typesafe.com/>

*Local OSGeo Chapter Supporter:  *FOSSGIS

These kind folks made the code sprint possible.

I heard a rumor that the 2016 code sprint may be back in Europe, and I'm
looking forward to hearing more about that.  For those who might be
interested, we've put together some lessons learned from this year

There is a nice photo stream of the event by Jody Garnett
<https://twitter.com/jodygarnett> at

And, finally, a big thank-you to Andrew Thompson
<https://twitter.com/andrewbt> for helping me organize and run the code
sprint - we couldn't have done it without you, Andrew.



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