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 Dear all,

This year we would like to organize a OTB users/hackfest meeting in
Toulouse. The event would be open to anyone, and would last for around 3

The tentative program is as follows:

   - *Day 1: Plenary session*
      - Morning: presentations from the development team (what's new,
      roadmap, focus on specific topics ...)
      - Afternoon: presentations from volunteers from the audience (what
      are they using OTB for, issues, feedback)

   - *Day 2: Technical session*
      - Morning: Tutorials (in small groups)
      - Afternoon: Work groups (roadmap, feature requests, refactoring, bug

   - *Day 3: Hackfest (also open to users)*
      - Adopt a bug workgroup
      - Sketch new features (maybe from list issued by work groups on
      previous day)

The following page on the wiki gathers information on the event and will be
updated regularly :


First thing to do is to *pick a date*, so we set up a small poll for dates
in *april, may and june*. If you are interested in the event, please fill
in your availabilities :


Many thanks, and see you soon in Toulouse!




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