[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo/LocationTech relationship

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Nov 16 15:23:43 PST 2015

On 16 November 2015 at 23:11, Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> wrote:
> If I was to sum up the difference in outlook between the two organizations
> today it would more be along the lines of LocationTech being "developer
> focused" and OSGeo being "user focused'. I think that is more a reflection
> of where the projects involved are in their incubation process that any
> strategic difference.


I have to admit, to me as OSGeo member as developer (+SAC supporter),
this whole thread has not clarified almost nothing.

As much as I appreciate (and carefully read through) all your inputs,
that summary leaves me with even more questions.

And, BTW, I agree with you about the FAQ, it also reads naive and silly
(e.g. comparing Apache vs Mozilla, two different scopes, to
LocationTech vs OSGeo,
two with clear overlap).

Putting all the emotional cream whipped so far aside and objectively,
clearly, that it is all about potential, capacity and market share.

OSGeo has proved its potential, it is capable to paddle its own canoe
for a decade or more,
via large self-organized community and successful projects.

LocationTech is a fairly new player with huge & rich organization behind,
that has to prove it's capable to secure market share, and its position.
Otherwise, the parent organization will simply shut it down as any
failed project.

Best regards,
Mateusz  Loskot, http://mateusz.loskot.net

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