[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo/LocationTech relationship

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 16:07:18 PST 2015


> I have to admit, to me as OSGeo member as developer (+SAC supporter), this
> whole thread has not clarified almost nothing.

Agreed, email is tough for communication, and this conversation has started
by looking for differences rather than look at how things are.

As much as I appreciate (and carefully read through) all your inputs, that
> summary leaves me with even more questions.

I would happy to have a hangout with you if that would help. It may help me
sort out how to communicate on this subject :)

Putting all the emotional cream whipped so far aside and objectively,
> clearly, that it is all about potential, capacity and market share.

I thought it was more about the scope of OSGeo being clarified. Something
Cameron is consistently asking board members to provide in the form a
vision statement or similar.

> OSGeo has proved its potential, it is capable to paddle its own canoe
> for a decade or more, via large self-organized community and successful
> projects.

This to me is not a given - there is certainly more for OSGeo to do (and a
key reason I am taking part).  The gap on foss4g organization is
well-known, but not of interest to me. I am more focused on projects - and
am interested in gvSig having their own association (and QGIS forming their
own association).  Specifically I am not interested in forming an
association for GeoServer and would like to ask OSGeo to take on this role.

LocationTech is a fairly new player with huge & rich organization
> behind, that has to prove it's capable to secure market share, and its
> position. Otherwise, the parent organization will simply shut it down as
> any failed project.

A valid concern, but I think three years in LocationTech has moved passed
the experiment  stage (I believe it was considered a success almost from
day one). The budget for each working group is dictated by the members
involved, much as OSGeo budget is dictated by our sponsors.
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