[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo is the host of FOSS4G not a guest

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Mon Jul 3 06:58:05 PDT 2017

Hi Guido,
I don't understand why you are frustrated and disheartened by this
We're not discussing on climate changes :-D

To All of you,
(i swear it is my last mail in the tread - maybe -)

My point of view is very simple: OSGeo is not a sponsor of the event, is
the "owner" which selected you great team and proposal for organizing the
conference. Thus is not correct list OSGeo in the sponsor list.
Try to open this link: http://2017.foss4g.org/sponsor/ and honestly tell me
if you understand OSGeo is the host, or do you get the impression it is
just one of the 20 sponsors?

Since this fact has been part of discussions in the past, I believe it is
very important to be underlined and communicated to avoid misunderstanding,
also for the future FOSS4G conferences.
I believe that details and communication are important (otherwise, for
example why spend time  and money in marketing and site re-branding?).

And it has nothing to do with the great work you are doing in bringing
another wonderful foss4g (big big thanks). These are small (but not
negligible) details..

I just requested the board to take a position on this, without entering in
details of when, what and why it happened.
Then I will be happy whatever is the decision and will go on on doing my
contribution and work for OSGeo ;-)


2017-07-03 14:29 GMT+02:00 Ian Turton <ijturton at gmail.com>:

> I have to disagree here, to me it is clear that OSGeo is presenting
> ("owns") the conference while by listing the contributions the OSGeo
> provides (seed money etc) formally on the Sponsors' page/list it makes it
> clear just how much money (and time) the OSGeo is putting it into the
> event.
> By formally listing as a sponsor it probably makes it easier to handle
> things like remembering to allocate booth space, passes etc as it is
> already on the spreadsheet when those tasks are carried out.
> Ian
> On 2 July 2017 at 09:22, Massimiliano Cannata <
> massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch> wrote:
>> Dear community and board members,
>> Today I found out that OSGeo is a a SPONSOR of the FOSS4G-2017 Boston
>> conference.
>> This is disappointing me !
>> At least for two reasons:
>> 1- foss4g is the OSGeo's conference, so OSGeo is the host not a guest
>> (have you ever seen AGU sponsoring it's annual event?)
>> 2- OSGeo is already providing seed and risk exposure money so it
>> shouldn't need to pay for get exposure or being listed in the sponsor page.
>> So, as an OSGeo charter member, I formally ask the board to remove OSGeo
>> from the sponsor list !
>> Regards
>> Maxi
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