[OSGeo-Discuss] GSoC 2020 need new Lead Admin to take over

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Mon Jan 20 04:24:00 PST 2020

>Due to personal reasons, we admins realized none of us has the time to
>allocate to GSoC this year. So, OSGeo needs a new Lead Admin or there won't
>be GSoC at OSGeo this year.
>What's needed to carry out the task?
>The Lead Admin is:
>- willing to not go offline during the summer
>- familiar with GSoC environment (has read all the rules and is capable to
>explain / enforce them)
>- prompt to respond to emails
>- capable of meeting deadlines
>- proactive and self-starter

good starting point for interested people:


Kind regards

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