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Stefan Steiniger sstein at geo.uzh.ch
Thu Jul 5 16:23:35 PDT 2012


Not sure what process is the best, but
i) collecting topics independent of Cameron's suggestion seems 
reasonable to me (though - is there a count system, if people agree with 
something?, e.g. add your name?)

ii) w.r.t. the topics: what would be the overall goal of the webinar: 
introduction to FOSS4G or general topics from the GIS beginner and 
advanced classes but with FOSS (e.g. stuff presented in current books, 
e.g. Longley, Goodchild, et al 200)? - Or is that up for discussion too.

iii) convincing contributors to make videos of their software may not be 
so easy - especially if it are volunteer projects and there are few 
resources (speaking here of my OpenJUMP experiences). If I think even of 
the steps to (a) develop what should be shown, and (b) learn how to use 
a software, (c) present things at the right speed. Hence, a tutorial is 
probably needed here?

cheers from Chile,

PS: Cameron, willing to be an advocate, but as I do not even know what I 
do in 4 months... ;)

Am 05.07.12 18:38, schrieb Cameron Shorter:
> Charlie,
> I suggest that there are not going to be many volunteers until there is
> a template.
> I suggest next steps should be:
> 1. Write a straw man template.
> 2. Put the template out to the community for review.
> 3. Receive lots of feedback, some of it contradicting.
> These steps 1-3 will likely be done by one or maybe 2 people, and takes
> quite a bit of time.
> 4. Test the template by creating a webinar our 2 with it.
> 5. Revise template.
> 6. Then go out to the community asking for more webinars. This is the
> point where you do have a good chance of attracting volunteers, as the
> volunteers will be able to see how their material will be successful.
> 7. Review all material as it comes in for quality and consistency. (This
> is a lot of work).
> Of note, I'm currently at step 6 with regards to building the OSGeo
> Advocate page, and I strongly encourage you all to add your profiles to
> this page over the next few days:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OSGeo_Advocate#Process_for_becoming_an_OSGeo_Advocate
> (For those already on the page, thankyou)
> On 6/07/2012 5:41 AM, Charles Schweik wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 3:52 PM, Cameron Shorter
>> <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> I think that this is a good idea and strongly suggest that you think
>>> about
>>> creating a standard formula that educators can follow when creating
>>> webinars
>>> (or workshops, or courses).
>> Cameron and others:
>> Thanks for your responses re the international webinar idea. Cameron,
>> indeed, you've proven your process works and I agree it is an
>> excellent model to follow.
>> - I'm proposing to hold a coordinated webinar series between September
>> and December (or perhaps for the 2012-13 academic year).
>> - I propose that the target audience be undergraduate and graduate
>> students potentially wanting to learn more about Open Source or Open
>> Source Geospatial, or any other participant who wants to hear the
>> topic. But our goal should be trying to start a coordinated webinar
>> series that connects students in our educational institutions.
>> - I have Adobe Connect webinar software that we can use for this
>> activity. What we need is a list of agreed upon topics for our first
>> set of webinars.
>> - Please visit [1]. If you have a topic of potential interest to
>> undergraduate or grad students, please list it and we'll go from
>> there. My goal is to have topics and a schedule figured out by the end
>> of July. Once we have the topics, we can discuss the idea of a
>> standard format. A second goal of this is to show a proof of concept
>> that we might be able to leverage in some future grant proposals to
>> support our educational efforts and coordination.
>> - Cameron suggested months ago to solicit authors of the live dvd
>> documentation to do webinar demos of their software. I think that
>> would be valuable. Is anyone willing to help me contact these authors
>> about this?
>> Cheers
>> Charlie
>> [1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Edu_goals_and_to_dos

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