FDO Code Projects Now Online

Robert Bray robert.bray at autodesk.com
Mon Jul 24 18:01:28 EDT 2006



The FDO projects that contain the SVN instances for the FDO APIs and
providers are now online. Within our website infrastructure this is
broken into a set of subprojects as follows:


fdocore - FDO Core APIs 

fdoarcsde - FDO Provider for ArcSDE 

fdogdal - FDO GDAL Provider 

fdoogr - FDO OGR Provider 

fdordbms - FDO Providers for RDBMS Data Stores 

fdosdf - FDO Provider for SDF 

fdoshp - FDO Provider for SHP 

fdowfs - FDO Provider for WFS 

fdowms - FDO Provider for WMS


The way the site is currently structured, each subproject is just a
container for some information and an SVN instance. All mailing lists,
the defect tracking tool (Project Tracker), and all other infrastructure
is hosted by the main FDO site (fdo.osgeo.org).


Please note the web site content and infrastructure is still undergoing
some tweaks, so please stay tuned as things change over the next little




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