[fdo-internals] RFC 3: PostGIS provider

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Thu Apr 26 13:49:46 EDT 2007

Jason Birch wrote:
> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> Since the code is already under subversion at refractions, I think
>> we can wait for migration till it is adopted, though it bothers me
>> that we will lose all the history.
> I saw something about this on IRC (#zco) the other day, and just 
> confirmed.
> Apparently you can use svndumpfilter to compress the revisions (and
> if necessary change paths) in the fdopostgis repository, and then
> when you import it it just adds new revisions for each change.
> I can't say that I totally understood it, but we can test it
> thoroughly first with a dump/restore on a different server using the
> OSGeo svn snapshots.


Honestly, I'm not convinced to this.
IMO it's better to wait with using Trac until the fdopostgis code is in.
I'm worrying about that it may take too much time to play with syncing
and finding best practice, just for a short term use.

Mateusz Loskot

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