[fdo-internals] Re: OSGeo FDO SVN Write Access

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Jul 26 12:02:50 EDT 2007

Frank wrote:

> However, the social process is that the new committer should be
proposed to the FDO PSC as a motion.

And unless they already work for a company who has a contribution
agreement, that should be obtained before allowing access.

I'd guess that ideally we'd want to see community involvement (patch
submissions, mailing list and IRC participation, etc) from the user
before we allow commit rights.  This project and MapGuide are a bit
different than community-centric projects; typically I think that ADSK
employees have just been given commit access as necessary.  My worry
about this is that we then have a bunch of committers who aren't
involved in the community.  It's pretty hard to build the community when
a large portion of the work is being done by "faceless" individuals.  My
personal take on this is that this situation makes non-ADSK members feel


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