[fdo-internals] FDO RFC 21 - New Linux Buildsystem Cmake Based

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Wed Oct 22 09:01:58 EDT 2008

On Terça 21 Outubro 2008 15:34:00 Jason Birch wrote:
> 3) To my knowledge this process has only been run and tested against
> Mandriva.  I'll be happy to do the same against Ubuntu for sure, and may
> find time to set up VMs for Debian and a recent version of CentOS as
> well.  Helio, do you know if there is any intention of adding MapGuide
> support to the other GeoLinux distributions?  Are there any problems
> running the unit tests?

Well, GeoLinux itself is a project started in Ecos to create global packages. 
At this moment, as exception for the Mapguide Live cd's, i didn't see any 
distro or gis based distro taken on mapguide. Is usually mapserver and mostly 
the Java stacks.
I didn't made unit tests run just because i tried use external cppunit, but i 
will fall in use the ThirdParty one, as works only with that.

> 4) Helio has taken on responsibility for maintaining the CMake build
> process for GeoLinux (on Mandriva) and has done so for more than a year
> in a consistent manner.  I am personally willing to commit to learning
> CMake and helping to maintain it for FDO as well.  Are either of these
> commitments as reliable as a full time paid position?  Absolutely not,
> but I don't believe it is realistic to expect that from the open source
> community.
Yes, i just still not hapy to not been able to get rid of dbxml23 + xerces 2.7 
+ xqilla 1.0.1 + db 4.5 and can only work with that. Using db 4.6 cause 
headaches every new try. 

> BTW, I've been working with the CMake build process for MapGuide that
> Helio just posted to the MapGuide-internals list.  It seems simple and
> intuitive so far, in a way that I've never felt about the auto* chain.
> If it is desired to have a mechanism to build using the included
> libraries, it seems quite feasible to create something like the
> build_linux.sh script that sets up the required command line options to
> CMake.

Is a text shell oriented script, even the tests are easy to do

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KDE Project
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