[fdo-internals] SQLite Provider issue

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Thu Jun 4 13:45:40 EDT 2009

Em Quinta-feira 04 de junho 2009, às 14:36:26, Jason Birch escreveu:
> Helio Chissini de Castro wrote:
> > So would be ok if we push the Provider ones in ThirdParty, modify
> > it to use a different library name, for example SQLiteFDO and even
> > install in system if we decide to use shared.
> So, since it looks like both the SDF provider and the SQLite provider
> require modified versions of SQLite, we would have two renamed libraries:
> SQLiteFDO and SQLiteSDF?
> I do like the idea of shared libraries in general, but in this case I'm not
> sure that it makes sense to pollute the system with these
> single-use-specific items.
> Jason

No, the SDF provider need only etilities/sqliteInterface, and SQLiteInterface 
can use the new version of SQLite
The only thing about utilities/sqliteinterface is that code includes on 
private header ( btree.h ), which the new version have as well.
So we can use the newest version, even modified, for whole fdo.

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