[fdo-internals] SQLite Provider issue

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Fri Jun 5 12:49:27 EDT 2009

OK thanks, that's the part I was missing. I will try running within the main FDO build. You can commit the patch now, then we fix it after.


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Em Sexta-feira 05 de junho 2009, às 11:44:06, Traian Stanev escreveu:
> Hi Helio,
> I still can't get the new cmake files working on my system -- it seems like
> cmake can't find FDO, which I have successfully compiled and installed
> using cmake... I have cmake 2.6.2 if that makes any difference...
> I will keep working on getting cmake to work for the provider, but in the
> meanwhile, one thing I discovered is that for 32 bit builds, you have to
> explicitly tell g++ to enable SSE and SSE2. Some code in the provider uses
> SSE2 so it needs to be turned on, I'm guessing by using --enable-sse and
> --enable-sse2 options. I originally compiled on x64, where SSE is
> automatically always available, so I did not notice that problem.

Hi Traian
My default devel machine is 64 bits, anyway.
I forgot to tell that the provider need to be inside main code yet ( can't be 
standalone dor now ).
To make things easier, i will commit the patch now and  we can solving  this 
after. So, on the main fdo checkout. just run cmake -DWITH_PROVIDERS="SQLite" 
and should be enough. FindFDO.cmake is under cmake/modules and after i have 
all providers done, i will make it instalable on global dir


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