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Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Thu Mar 13 03:19:44 EDT 2008

Hi, Dennis.   Being on vacation means that my time is my own.  Besides, this is a diversion from shovelling snow here in wintery Ottawa.  :-)

Tessellating to a LineString seems like a bit much to get around this glitch.  I think that I can get the necessary environment operational to reproduce your problem.  I looked in the case file and found several versions of your project.  The first one built for me with simple path changes.  However, the most recent  version has a vsproj file appears to be missing the AcMPolygonMGD reference, which I am also having trouble adding.  My .NET skills are very rusty.  I'll let you know if I get that going later today.  I might need a patched file from you.


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I hesitated to respond yesterday since you are on vacation and I had to
noodle through my approach to this issue anyway. For me your last post
brought me closure on the current state of FDO and those "curvee thingees".
However, I am still not sure of what approach I should take. I am leaning
toward the good'ol, tryed and true linearstring approach. I have been doing
that for a couple years now. (back then I think I used AGF ... whatever). I
talked to my users yesterday and they are kinda' sorta' OK with an
"emulated" arc approach. When a round-trip is needed they are willing to
deal with those "mini-lines". I will have to build some test cases for them
but from their perspective anything is better than the tedium that I put
them through today ... maybe we take a little step instead of a big one.

Sorry for that slight digression. I take your recommendation to heart and as
time permits will look into the FDO component myself.

You have a great vacation!

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