[fdo-users] SDE Connection Parameters

Brad Nesom kidsmake6 at msn.com
Fri Oct 10 00:02:20 EDT 2008

I am a bit confused. First off I have tried both the port and the service

The section that I found referencing the etc\services file

"The direct way is simply the listener port and protocol. The syntax is
"<port>/<protocol>", for example, "5151/tcp". 


The indirect way is a symbolic name, for example, "esri_sde_oracle." The
ArcSDE provider translates the symbolic name into a port and protocol by
looking the symbolic name up in the C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\services
file. An example of an entry in the services file is esri_sde_oracle
5151/tcp. "


Still wants a port number in the services file. Just a bit earlier in the
same page it states. "When you install an ArcSDE server, you configure it to
listen on a port for database connect requests. Each ArcSDE server listens
on its own dedicated listener port."


However a forum reply talking directly to esri and asking directly about
arcsde workgroup I got the following response.


"Workgroup ArcSDE is not, strictly speaking, ArcSDE. It does not 
have a giomgr service process (all connections must be through 
Direct Connect), and command-line tools are not supported. 

You can try to use an appropriate Direct Connect connection 
string in third-party applications, but this is not supported."

Also in The Essential FDO it states.

"It is possible for an ArcSDE client to connect directly to an Oracle or SQL
Server database provided the required drivers are installed. This type of
'direct' connection has not been tested with the ArcSDE Provider, and so is
not supported. "


Cutting through everything I have learned here it seems

1.	arcsde workgroup will only connect by direct connect
2.	fdo arcsde provider does not support direct connect
3.	there seems to be some mystery about arcsde workgroups workings



I hope this clarifies the problem a little and I hope it helps someone see a
path to solution for me.







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Have you tried setting up the etc/services file and using this to conect to
ArcSDE instead of the 5151 port? See

Also is that in direct connect mode?


Robert Fortin


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Good thing Rob,
you didn't happen to come across the same for sde lite and sql server lite
did you
> Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 07:13:47 -0700
> From: Rob.Sosnowski at itd.idaho.gov
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> Subject: Re: [fdo-users] SDE Connection Parameters
> IConnectionManager connectionManager =
> FeatureAccessManager.GetConnectionManager();
> IConnection connection =
> connectionManager.CreateConnection(providerName);
> IConnectionPropertyDictionary connectionPropertyDictionary;
> connectionPropertyDictionary =
> connection.ConnectionInfo.ConnectionProperties;
> connectionPropertyDictionary.SetProperty("Server",
> "servername");
> connectionPropertyDictionary.SetProperty("Instance", "5151");
> connectionPropertyDictionary.SetProperty("Username",
> "username");
> connectionPropertyDictionary.SetProperty("Password",
> "password");
> connectionPropertyDictionary.SetProperty("Datastore",
> "database");
> OSGeo.FDO.Connections.ConnectionState connectState =
> connection.Open();
> surrounded wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Been using FDO with shapefiles; now I wish to use with SDE layers. Can
> > someone provide me with the code to make a connection to a SDE database.

> > Our SDE layers are on MS SQL Server if that is important.
> > 
> > Thanks.....Rob
> > 
> > 
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