[FOSS-GPS] Introduction TravelingSalesman by Marcus Wolschon

Marcus Wolschon marcus.wolschon at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 19 06:29:51 EDT 2008

Hello everyone.

Just to introduce myself:

I am Marcus Wolschon and the most active of my
geodata-related projects is Traveling Salesman.
A Java routing and navigation -software for the


It consists of:
* libOSM - java-library to work with OpenStreetMap
* OsmNavigation - everything you need to write a router
* Traveling Salesman - standalone user-interface on top of OsmNavigation

Everything is written for developers using a plugin- and preferences-
system in LibOSM that allows you to exchange any part of it.
e.g. test your own routing-algorithm, advanced metric, data-storage,
map-drawing, location-provider, ...
This way anyone writing such a single piece (e.g. as a diploma thesis)
can use all the existing infrastructure for the unrelated tasks and
ease development- and debugging-time as well as delivering a much
besser result in the end.  ..I like to stand on the shoulders of giants.

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