[FOSS-GPS] Introduction

John Gill swfiua at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 16:16:57 EDT 2008

Yet another introduction.

I've been interested in GPS applications for mobile devices for a while now.

I'm very keen on python and had a Nokia Series 60 phone and so have
developed a couple of applications for the series 60.

The first is inspired by Maemo mapper, I call it johnjohn:


Basically, a cut down python version of maemo mapper.   A bit rough at the
edges at the moment, but does the job.

A related project, that started me on Series 60 python is anorak.   The
original idea here was to create something that would let me know when my
train was getting near to its station on a dark night.   The answer was
anorak, which allowed me to use cell tower ids to guess the location.


One of my original aims was to have the client able to upload train (or
other public transport) locations to a web site and be able to query the
site to see where a particular train is.   In the end moved house and no
longer commuted by train before data plans for phones came down to a
reasonable price.   I was interested to see someone posting about a project
to support uploading of locations.

Along with anorak I have the beginnings of a series 60 emulator in GTK.
Again, lots of rough edges, but enough to reduce the debug cycle


I've been using JohnJohn as a speedo/altimeter/mapping tool on my bicycle
with some success.

I'm about to move to Ottawa and going to have more time available for open
source, which I can't wait for.   I've been debating what my future GPS
needs are likely to be and just what device I'm likely to be using.   The
OpenMoko interests me quite a lot, but if the nokia N810's grow 3D support
that could be interesting too and of course there is Android too.    I'm
thinking maybe the way to go is to try and write a cross platform
application in python.

Also interested in fixing up the apps to allow collecting of tracks for
openstreetmap.   Oh, and I forgot to mention integrating GPS with the free
bicycle scheme in Paris: ihttp://www.velib.paris.fr/

Once in Ottawa, I'm interested in using GPS for ski trails as well as

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