[FOSS-GPS] Whats up with FoxtrotGPS?

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at geekspace.com
Thu Jul 29 00:14:58 EDT 2010

John Stowers <john.stowers.lists at gmail.com> writes:
> >
> > I've been working at integrating that ogm-widget branch; it's progressing,
> > though slowly. I've uploaded the parts that I believe are solid progress
> > to my web-site, for the time being:
> > 
> >     http://www.hackerposse.com/~rozzin/foxtrotgps/branches/ogm-widget
> > 
> > If you notice that the timestamps in that branch are all remarkably
> > recent, it's because I'm actually doing this in multiple passes--
> > I have another branch here where I just ran through and merged stuff
> > selectively but atomically, to see how straightforward it was to
> > split the `use osm-gps-map' changeset from the other changes;
> > but that proved to be fairly confusing, so I'm going through
> > and splitting commits into smaller, more cohesive chunks that
> > are easier for me to understand (and I had a couple of false
> > starts, where I split a commit incorrectly).
> This all looks great. I just built the version to test it. 
> Which version of osm-gps-map are you targeting? >= 0.5.x (ubuntu lucid)
> or >= 0.7.x (current series)?

I'm using a osm-gps-map 0.7.x build made from your git repository;
using your compatibility layer, for the time being.

> Also, Sander [1] and I [2] are starting a bit of optimisation work on
> osm-gps-map at the moment. Nothing API breaking, just some internal
> clean ups to, in particular, improve the layer/osd rendering efficiency.


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