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Assunto: Re: [FOSS-GPS] Re: RTKLIB SKYTRAQposition is wondering around. Certainly down to sub 10cm. Also are you seeing the base stations sat. signal displays in rtknavi?
I'd really like to use my own base station but I'm not having much luck with that. 

Hi Grant

As you have access to CORS network, and if you have a near station, ( 
less than 15 Km ), you could perform two static ( 1 hour) data collect. 
Your future base station and a rover check point.  You have to get the 
RINEX data from CORS and the position of the CORS reference station.  
Other  solution should be to perform a static from an known oficial 

For sure it is possible to process with RTKLIB. I  :-( have stoped for a
 while because I have just one receiver, a nice LEA-4T.  I have reached 
very precise (static) results with it.

I bought an Skytrack  Venus648FLP but I have to built all the eletronics to set it up and seee if it has RAW data capabilities.

With Skytrack chipset are you working with ?

best regards,

julio menezes

PS: If you have problems to process the static data I can do it for you.

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