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Hello Julio and Volfeer,
Sorry for taking so long to reply.
I'm using the same gps as volfeer. Thats skytraq S1315F-RAW receiver. Only
available from 2 place's that I know. Skytraq sell an evaluation unit for
only $99 usd. Google their website.

My government base station is more than 15 km's away and also my account
hasn't enabled rinex data. (what ever that is). How ever I do have a
government static survey marker at the end of my property. I have searched
the internet and found it's details. What would be the best approach to use
this as reference point? Do I put the gps antenna on this point and collect
data for 1 hour? What then?

Volfeer, based on your picture it seems you have a fix. So you are getting
very accurate data. Well done. May I ask what your settings are? how far
are you from the base station?

Thankyou for responding.


On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 9:35 AM, julio menezes <yjmenezes at yahoo.com.br>wrote:

> --- Em *sex, 20/1/12, Grant Oswald <gkoswald at gmail.com>* escreveu:
> De: Grant Oswald <gkoswald at gmail.com>
> Assunto: Re: [FOSS-GPS] Re: RTKLIB SKYTRAQposition is wondering around.
> Certainly down to sub 10cm. Also are you seeing the base stations sat.
> signal displays in rtknavi?
> I'd really like to use my own base station but I'm not having much luck
> with that.
> Hi Grant
> As you have access to CORS network, and if you have a near station, ( less
> than 15 Km ), you could perform two static ( 1 hour) data collect. Your
> future base station and a rover check point.  You have to get the RINEX
> data from CORS and the position of the CORS reference station.  Other
> solution should be to perform a static from an known oficial landmark.
> For sure it is possible to process with RTKLIB. I  :-( have stoped for a
> while because I have just one receiver, a nice LEA-4T.  I have reached very
> precise (static) results with it.
> I bought an Skytrack  Venus648FLP but I have to built all the eletronics
> to set it up and seee if it has RAW data capabilities.
> With Skytrack chipset are you working with ?
> best regards,
> julio menezes
> PS: If you have problems to process the static data I can do it for you.
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