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Hello Julio and Volfeer,Sorry for taking so long to reply.I'm using the same gps as volfeer. Thats skytraq S1315F-RAW receiver. Only available from 2 place's that I know. Skytraq sell an evaluation unit for only $99 usd. Google their website.

My government base station is more than 15 km's away and also my account hasn't enabled rinex data. (what ever that is). How ever I do have a government static survey marker at the end of my property. I have searched the internet and found it's details. What would be the best approach to use this as reference point? Do I put the gps antenna on this point and collect data for 1 hour? What then? 

Hi Grant.

Tks, about your systrack information.
It is quit hard to by a receicer here. Here our  importation tax reach 300 %, can you beleave that ? 

As you have a landmark, you should:
1) Let your base station, where you plan,  colecting data.
2) Put your rover over the Landmark.
3) collect static data by about 1 hour, counting  after turn on the second receiver.
the epoch rate can be 5 seconds.

Any way, I think you can get CORS data from:
Once identified your near station, download the RINEX data from:
Select the julian day. 

good luck.

julio menezes

I am mounting my skytrack Venus638FLPx using an open hardware Arduino Uno with a flash shield, I bought from sparkfun. I don't  know if it has RAW data, I hope so.
I bought, also  an wire less Xbee 60W serie 1, it has 2Km range.

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