[FOSS-GPS] Foxtrot GPS track live refresh

rolandas at rodali.lt rolandas at rodali.lt
Thu Jan 26 13:28:57 EST 2012

Hello FoxtrotGPS fellow developers...

We have spotted FoxtrotGPS as possible software for our embedded Linux
flight computer to be used in motorized ultralight gliders. We are
developing electrical motor monitoring software and after looking to
GPS/map application, believe FoxtrotGPS is very close to our needs for
additional features related to flight tracking.

As I understood Friends tracking feature currentluy is rudiment from
TangoGPS and is not working, as it is related to TangoGPS sever.

We are developing some software which will synchronise files between
several flight computers ( on separate gliders flying within visibility
range)  via SSH ( SCP or SFTP) via WIFI adhoc network. FoxtrotGPS
tracks, could theoretically also be synchronised live at a rate about
once per second. If FoxtrotGPS would have an option to redraw selected
tracks constantly while track files are updated by other system
processes, we would have live picture of glider tracks flying close to
each other. For us important to see not only where another glider is
located (friend position), but also his track parameters lift/sink
during the flight.

The whole meaning of this idea is to broadcast flight conditions by the
first glider in the team for other team members to make decisions in
lifting airstream (thermals) searches.

Could you plese let us know if somebody would be interested to make slight
FoxtrotGPS modifications which would allow live redrawing of selected

Best regards,

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