[FOSS-GPS] RTKLIB and Master Auxiliary approach

Fabrizio Toni fabrizio.toni at techplanet.it
Sat Jun 16 05:04:46 PDT 2012

Hi all,
I have to conduct an experimentation for railway application to localize 
the trains and eventually distinguish the track in parellal tracks 
The train could run up to 300 km/h. I'm testing a Denga10 receiver 
(http://www.onetalent-gnss.com/ideas/usb-hw-receivers/denga10) 10 Hz 
output and a low cost antenna Tallysmann TW2410. I'm using RTKNavi and 2 
Gnss permanent station networks (Italpos Leica Geosystems and Netgeo 
Topcon). My question is: "When I get  Master auxiliary corrections from 
Leica geosystems network, RTKLIB uses Auxiliary stations message? If so, 
where is locate the source code for the positioning?
Then I bougth also another Denga10 to set up an RTK system: one Denga10 
as Master base and one as Rover. I'll post the results asap.

Fabrizio Toni*

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