[FOSS-GPS] Hello

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at geekspace.com
Sun May 13 21:08:16 EDT 2012

Hi, Don--

Thanks for the kind words.

If you find any problems, please do file a bug-report on launchpad;
and, if you need something to occupy your time during retirement...,
feel free to look into some of the existing bugs :)

Donald Allen <donaldcallen at gmail.com> writes:
> Introducing myself: I'm Don Allen. I'm a retired computer professional
> (I wrote my first computer program in 1960 -- some assembly-language
> code for an IBM 1620 -- a scary thought!). I have used tangogps a fair
> amount and it is a very good piece of work. I did have some initial
> problems with it, tried to reach Marcus Bauer by email to no avail,
> and finally took a suggestion for a bug-fix from someone I found by
> googling, who was seeing the same seg-faults I was. To me, it appeared
> that tangogps was had been abandoned, given Bauer's unresponsiveness
> and after noting that the website is now just a bunch of ads. So I was
> very pleased to discover the foxtrotgps project, which appears to be
> alive and well. I am using the latest release on a Toshiba netbook
> running Arch Linux, and it appears to work very well, though I haven't
> accumulated a lot of hours of usage yet. I've looked at the roadmap
> and it appears sensible. I look forward to future improvements in what
> is already a very useful application.

"Don't be afraid to ask (λf.((λx.xx) (λr.f(rr))))."

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