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Fri Dec 4 06:45:08 PST 2015

Hi, I have a Ublox M8T which is setup in a logger configuration from
OptimalSystem.de with a Tallysman TW2710. I have successfully connected the
M8T to u-center_v8.18 and am able to log .ubx files.

I am interested in using RINEX data from a continuously operating GPS which
is based nearby ( less than 2 km away ) and the data is available from the
Ordnance Survey ( OS ) for download for a period. The data provided by the
OS has the extension .15o and appears to be RINEX 2.11

I have downloaded RTKLIB 2.4.2p10 and using RTKCONV have created a .nav and
.obs file from the .ubx produced by u-center. I have attempted to post
process the .obs data in RTKPOST, I have entered the paths to the .nav file
and the OS Rinex data in the middle section and a pos file is created.

I'm not sure I am using RTKPOST in the correct manner, should I be changing
Positioning Mode in Options to another mode and placing the file path to
the OS RINEX in the RINEX OBS: Base Station section?

Secondly should I be supplying an sp3 file from the IGS service or other
online files to help improve the final data?

I am seeing a very small shift in positions in the pos file when providing
the OS RINEX data but the Q value is always 5 ( single ). In my initial
test the antenna was placed in a large Westerly facing window at ~58
degrees North for some hours where it had up to 7 GPS satellites in view.

Finally if I wish to capture the RAW data which the M8T produces and later
use it in RTKLIB but not use u-center, what would be the best way of
achieving this?

Many Thanks

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