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Tue Apr 23 02:20:02 PDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

I would like to use a Raspberry Pi to log raw GNSS data and to send NTRIP
correction to a u-blox receiver same time.
I'm using two str2str processes for this task. First provides the RTCM3
correction to the receiver, second logs the data stream from the receiver
to a ubx file. The baudrate is 460800, the navigation rate is 10 Hz,
RXM-RAWX and NAV-PVT messages are enabled only.
When I check the log file in u-center there are a lot of broken, unknown

I found at rtklibexplorer
is Output Received Stream to TCP Port option for the strsvr application.
How is it feasible on the Pi with str2str?

Thank you!

Best regards,
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