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Kim Fitter kimfitter at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 4 17:23:52 PDT 2019

A quick reminder to please review the Code of Conduct and add your name in the second document if you are happy with the  documents.
There is a list of organisers  in the comments to see who is still to review.
Any questions feel free to reach out.
    On Monday, 1 April 2019, 11:04:26 GMT+13, Kim Fitter <kimfitter at yahoo.com> wrote:  
  Yes absolutely, perhaps we aim to to post the Code of Conduct on the website by Wednesday 2nd April unless there are any outstanding comments or questions.
Thanks for following up on the access John. If anyone else still has access issues, please let us know.
    On Friday, 29 March 2019, 22:07:19 GMT+13, adam steer <adam.d.steer at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hi Kim,
Thanks for coordinating this - could we please extend the review date to Tuesday Wednesday?
…in an effort to help people feel like they don’t *need* to rush to do stuff over the weekend.
Regards, and thanks
On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 13:13, Kim Fitter <kimfitter at yahoo.com> wrote:

One of the actions from our last meeting was to review the code of conduct for the conference. 
A code of conduct is a public statement that sets the ground rules and tone for participating in the event. 

There are two documents in the 2019 Code of Conduct folder:
Code of Conduct- This includes a short and long versions to be published publicly on the website and/or emails.

Handling a Code of Conduct Incident - volunteers- This includes a process for handling an incident by a volunteer or committee member as reported by an attendee.

> Please review both documents and add any comments/ questions. Reviewing these documents also lets you know the process and the location of this document in the hopefully unlikely event you ever need this information.

> For committee members, once you have completed your review, then please add your name in the second document under Nominated Responsible Persons by Monday 1 April .

If you have any questions then please let me know.
Have a great weekend!

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