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Dave McIlhagga dmcilhagga at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Nov 7 10:27:10 EST 2007

A quick gut feel from me on the "outside Africa" contingent would be  
to budget on a base of 200 attendees. Hopefully it will be more - but  
I'd be hesitant to budget on it.

At FOSS4G2007 -- I believe there was less than 200 from outside  
Canada/US. So given equivalent distance or more for folks to travel  
to South Africa from outside Africa -- that would seem a reasonable  
number to expect this time around.


On 7-Nov-07, at 10:02 AM, Carrin Martin wrote:

> Hi
> someone raised a point that I think we need to explore - the likely  
> number of delegates as that is going to affect the registration fee.
> our thinking was - although we anticipate between 800 and 1000, we  
> need a 'break even' number.
> if we set that at a minimum of 600 delegates made up of:
> 200 from SA (hopefully we will get more)
> 200 from the rest of Africa - we had the international ICA  
> conference in 2005 and had 200 African delegates
> 200 from the rest of the world - our concern is the high cost of  
> flights but we need to be advised and I'm sure that there will be more
> this has implications for registration:
> I see the Canadian $1 = R7.1
> if we work on the R3 000 000.00 that I propose (excluding the  
> exhibition area and workshops) and divide that by 600 = R5000 per  
> person ($704)
> or divide it by 700 = R4290 per person ($604)
> now its getting manageable.
> if we work on 50% registering before and the rest after, we can  
> lower the early to R3800 (4290-490) ($535) and add the 490 to the  
> R4290 for the late = R4780 ($673).
> That makes it comparable to the 2007 conference as per the http:// 
> www.foss4g2007.org/register/ web site.  The site does not indicate  
> whether these are early or late reg fees.
> The cost of the computers and space is R524 000.00 divided by 1600  
> people (200 people x 8 workshops?) = R328 ($46) per workshop.  
> Someone needs to check my figures, it seems a bit low.
> This covers the cost for the labs as well for the 5 days, but we  
> could have an extra workshop every morning to increase the number  
> of workshops. Or we could increase the cost of the workshops to  
> subsidise the cost of registration.  I was under the impression  
> that the demand for workshops was high and we would need to  
> increase the numbers.  I can contact the local university if we  
> need extra for both Monday and Friday.  I think their rate is  
> around R100 per day per computer.
> Charging R500 ($70) for each of the 8 workshop (x 1600 people) give  
> us an extra R275 000 which we could deduct off the cost of the full  
> conference, and take the R3 000 000.00 down to R2 725 000 which  
> would be R3929 ($551) per delegate with 700 people -  as opposed to  
> the R4290 ($604).   I see that the 2007 workshops cost was $300 and  
> I'm not sure if this is per workshop or for the full day.
> My concerns are:
> 1. I'm not clear how the current figure have been reached.
> 2. please will the OSGeo folk give some thought to the number of  
> people they think we can expect from outside of Africa
> 3. The conference costs are not going to change, but we need to  
> find a way of sorting out the separate costs to make sure that we  
> do not incur any losses.
> cheers
> Carrin Martin
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