[Foss4g2008loc] Final chance for comment on Prospectus

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Thu Nov 15 20:24:26 EST 2007

Apologies, I was away traveling so I come late to the game, however,  
in the spirit of review:

- The Premier and Platinum sponsors are promised slots at the  
*closing* plenary and on the closing panel? What is happening at the  
opening plenary?  (In general opening is more desirable, because  
people skedaddle before the closing...)
- The attendance number for 2006 was 535, and something is deeply  
wrong in the "by country" breakdown, since the 2006 conference was  
held in Switzerland, they have more than 17 delegates.  As someone  
mentioned earlier, the "by countrY" breakdown might work better if  
regionalized, perhaps following the example here? <http:// 
- I can't help on the "profile" section, I failed last year to  
anticipate the need to start collecting this data, so it falls to you  
to be the first.  Make them provide it as part of the registration  
process. 2009 will love you.  GISSA, any chance you collected this  
stuff for AfricaGIS?
- You might want to remove the "current sponsors" page until you have  
some, otherwise it just draws attention to itself.
- Make sure your graphic designer doesn't make a document you can't  
edit without his/her help, because you'll be updating this going  
forward, if only to add the current sponsors.


On 13-Nov-07, at 1:31 PM, Gavin Fleming wrote:

> <FOSS4G2008 sponsorship and exhibitor prospectus 13 Nov.pdf>

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