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My initial request was to have the academic track on a single day, but we
subsequently decided to wait for the abstract submissions (due on 12 May)
and notification of acceptance (due on 17 June). The program should be
developed in two parts: 


1. Program overview, which is in progress but should be finalized asap.  The
overview should just split up the days into slots for plenaries, workshops
and presentations, as it currently does.


2. Detailed program, which includes the titles and presenters/authors of
workshops and presentations.  We will only be able to prepare the detailed
program during or after notification of acceptance, i.e. until or after 17
June. I would still prefer to have all the academic presentations on one
day, but I would recommend that we wait and keep the program flexible until
we know the mix of topics and number of papers and presentations.  Depending
on the submissions, an alternative strategy could be to have all
presentations (academic and other) on a specific topic on one day.
Presentations should definitely be flagged to be academic or other so that
conference goers know what to expect.






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See the new programme wiki page http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G2008


Do all programme / schedule development here. Daina / Graeme from time to
time please ensure that the programme on the conference website matches what
is on the wiki and add a backlink to the wiki from the conf website
programme page. At a cutoff date (when?) the conf website programme will be
set and published properly. 


Inge / Serena use this space to consider how to include an academic track -
on one day? or one venue? mixed with everything else and flagged? or another


have fun



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