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This is my understanding that the Technical programme coordinator (ie me) -
covers/ensure that these are in place:

1.	Technical Programme development (with inputs - obviously) 
2.	Synchronisation of the programme 

a.	We can't have people having to be in more than one place at a time

3.	Abstract and Programme book (with inputs) for inclusion in all
delegate bags (there is a budget to produce this)

This includes:

a.	Advertising space
b.	Organising committee
c.	Sponsors
d.	Exhibitors
e.	Full Programme (workshops & labs, academic track, general track,
posters, technical tours, outreach, social)
f.	Abstracts (academic, general & posters
g.	Lab summaries
h.	Workshop summaries


4.	Pocket programme for inclusion in all delegate bags (there is a
budget to produce this)

a.	Overview of programme / programme at a glance

5.	Complete proceedings published on CD with ISBN number for inclusion
in all delegate bags (there is a budget to produce this)
6.	Publish complete proceedings on website (FOSS4G2008 site)


Optional Extras are:

1.	CD with the proceedings of the academic track only can be made on
special request. (No budget)


I would go for the Title for Proceedings for the ISBN as:  'Proceedings of
the FOSS4G2008 Conference, 29 Sept - 3 Oct 2008'), authors (S. Coetzee, I.
Netterberg & G. Fleming) and a publisher: (GISSA and OSGeo) 


This is my opinion on this


Have a lekker weekend! 





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To: FOSS4G2008 local organising committee
Subject: FW: [Foss4g2008loc] academic track


Hi all, here are some extracts from a message from Serena, who is
coordinating the academic paper track and would like your input. Please
reply to the list.




There is no peer review process for the final paper, they just have to be of
a certain length, around 2,500-3,000 words.  For SACJ, based on the reviews
we will short list some of the abstracts ('substantial research questions'
is key here and we hope to be able to see that from the abstract already).
The papers of the short listed abstracts will be peer reviewed (normal SACJ
peer reviewing process), and all or some of them will be invited for
submission to SACJ.  


Below some thoughts about the program and proceedings from an earlier e-mail
exchange between Inge, Antony and me.  It would be good if you could confirm
these with the LOC:

- Publish all the abstracts & programme in an abstract book, with a pocket
programme. This will also be handed out in the delegate bag when delegates
arrive at the conference.

- The complete proceedings (academic and other) will be published in the
OSGeo Journal (which does not have an ISSN).  Apparently this was done in

- The complete proceedings (academic and other) will be published on a CD.
We will apply for an ISBN number for the CD of the proceedings. Each
delegate will get a CD copy of the complete proceedings in their delegate
bag when they arrive at the conference

- A CD with the proceedings of the academic track only can be made on
special request. Or should we hand these out to delegates who do an academic

- The complete proceedings (academic and other) should be published online
in a way that is searchable through Google, Google Scholar, etc.  Can we do
it on OSGeo and/or GISSA websites?


Other questions about the proceedings:

- Who is taking care of the costs of the program and CDs?  Is there any
money allocated from the conference budget?  

- For an ISBN number we need a title (I suggest 'Proceedings of the
FOSS4G2008 Conference, 29 Sept - 3 Oct 2008'), authors (you and me) and a
publisher (OSGeo and GISSA?)  Once we have confirmed these, I can apply for
the ISBN (which as you know is very important for the academic proceedings).


>From the academic track point of view, it is very important to get an ISBN
and to publish the material online so that it can be referenced afterwards.






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To: Serena Coetzee
Cc: Inge Netterberg
Subject: RE: [Foss4g2008loc] Notice of LOC Meeting


Cool, just send me anything you want to table, but I think the academic
track is on track ;-). Just be sure you're familiar with (and have prepared)
the Prepared e-mails and the whole process on the website for review, etc.
And assign someone to monitor submissions in your absence. 


I haven't seen it in the calls, but is it an option if a paper doesn't meet
academic standards that you recommend resubmission as a non-reviewed


And how will the peer review process work for the final paper? Will accepted
papers then be submitted to SA Computer journal for their review process?


Also, have we thought of where the OSGeo Journal fits in? They'll want to
publish some stuff but they haven't given much input yet. 


Enjoy Denmark!






From: Serena Coetzee [mailto:scoetzee at cs.up.ac.za] 
Sent: 15 May 2008 01:34 PM
To: Gavin Fleming
Subject: RE: [Foss4g2008loc] Notice of LOC Meeting




Unfortunately I will also not be able to make Tuesday's meeting as I am
leaving for 10 days in Denmark on Tuesday.  From the agenda below, it looks
as if the academic track is not concerned.  Please let me know if there is
anything, so that I can sort it out telephonically or over e-mail.






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To: FOSS4G2008 local organising committee
Subject: [Foss4g2008loc] Notice of LOC Meeting


Hi, the meeting I proposed for Friday afternoon has been moved to Tuesday 20
May at or near Mintek (any venue suggestions?).


Time 11h30.


We will start with the agenda below proposed by PeopleSA, then they can
leave and we will continue with marketing, sponsorship, exhibitors and any
other pressing issues. If you can't make it in person please indicate if you
can teleconference and send the number where we can dial. I'll also send our
number if I can arrange it. Alternatively let me know if you can IRC or





From: Karryn Gracey [mailto:karryn at peoplesa.co.za] 
Sent: 14 May 2008 04:21 PM
To: Gavin Fleming; 'Carrin Martin'
Cc: 'Petro Farrell'
Subject: Meeting


Hi Gavin and Carrin ,


Petro mentioned that there is a possible meeting planned for Tuesday 20 May
2008 .


I am able to make myself available anytime between 11:30am - 2pm . Petro and
I both need to be at a client by 3pm .


We are both extremely pressed for time, so would appreciate it if  the LOC
members who need to contribute to this meeting are present. 


To make it worthwhile and constructive we would like to discuss all the
points on the agenda , and make workable decisions that can be implemented
with immediate effect. 


Our aim with this part of the LOC meeting is to focus on our role and

where we are , as well as any challenges we are experiencing - and solutions
that work for all. 




We need to discuss our next site visit / bookings and payment for our
flights and accommodation during the conference . (and site visit )

Registration at the CTICC

Volunteers - where are we  ?

Progress on registration issues/ exhibitors/ bank account 

Payment collection

Exhibitors - Pricing and invoicing 

Web Registrations 

Gifts - are there any ?

Any other event management issues that need to be discussed .


Petro and I do not need to be present for the LOC meeting where issues that
have no relevance to our event management role are discussed.








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