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LOC Members & Volunteers:

Next up on the plate is putting together a comprehensive Sponsorship
Prospectus (SP). Most of this we can get from prior FOSS4Gs but it helps if
the information is all in one place. I have started a sponsor section of the
Wiki (it's really "just started" right now):


While we are working on the content for the SP, we also need to start
working on visual identity (fonts, colors, logos). In the Sponsorship
Invitation, I used a Gill Sans MT font but it would probably be better to
standardize on a common web font. My suggestions follow:

I prefer sans serif, especially for marketing. Sticking Arial/Helvetica
could make everyone's life simpler. We could use Impact for titles and such.
For "letters", we would use a serifed font. FYI: I hate "script" fonts to
anything real and don't even mention Comic Sans.

My preference for color combination is:

Green/White from the Colorado license plates (these happen to contrast well
with the Americana Red, White and Blue), giving us a nice pallete of four
colors plus black.


The current "mock up" logo I made for the bid leans too heavily on the
Rockies logo:


Here's a simple Colorado license plate mockup:

(Note: I used an "Arial Rounded MT" for the font here).

If someone is more of a graphic artist than I am (which isn't much), it
would be nice to compile a couple different logos and then get them rendered
in multiple, scalable formats. I'd have to check the budget, but we may even
be able to pay someone for this. But it's a chicken/egg problem. We can't
actually pay until we get some sponsorship dollars and we want this done
before we really approach the sponsors.

Notes: We should avoid using any identity elements from the Rockies and
Broncos. I've dealt with NFL and MLB licensing before. Even if we had the
team owner's permission, we can't use it. The trademarks are held by the

<http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2011>Please provide feedback on this


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