[Gdal-dev] reading OCI datasource - core dumped

Oliver Wesp wesp at gdv.com
Tue Aug 26 06:19:56 EDT 2003

Dear List,

what we like to do is connecting to oracle spatial with ogrinfo (in fact we 
like to read layers from oracle spatial with mapserver through ogr but we 
use ogrinfo to check if everything works fine on the ogr side).

We have everything up and running on two different linux boxes (ogrinfo 
works fine, even the mapserver part is doing well. No problems at all). 
Unfortunately the production system has to be Solaris 8. Whenever we try to 
connect to oracle with ogrinfo from the solaris machine it says

Segmentation fault (Core dumped).

We made some experiments with wrong connections strings (wrong password, 
wrong tnsname, connect to a database that is shutown) and everytime we get 
a proper error message from oracle. This looks like something ist going 
wrong during or after the login process.

There weren't any problems during compilation. The only difference beside 
the operating system is oracle client running on the linux boxes and a 
complete oracle server install on the solaris machine. We tried gdal-1.1.9 
as well as the latest cvs.

Is anybody out there aware of problems regarding oci support on a solaris 
system or a system with a comlete oracle server installed? Or is there 
anything we can do to get some more information on what's happening.

Any help is appreciated.
best regards

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