[Gdal-dev] CPLReadLine problem on windows platforms

Roger James rogerjames99 at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 29 13:08:13 EDT 2003



CPLReadLine has a problem on windows platforms when passed a file
pointer that has been opened in text mode. The underlying removal of
carriage return characters by wijndows causes the fseek positioning to
be wrong.


I have found at least one place where this occurs in cpl_string.cpp


char **CSLLoad(const char *pszFname)


    FILE        *fp;

    const char  *pszLine;

    char        **papszStrList=NULL;


//    fp = VSIFOpen(pszFname, "rt");

    fp = VSIFOpen(pszFname, "rb");


This causes world file parsing to be wrong. My temp fix is in the above
snippet. I do not know if there are other places where this fix is need
or if it causes any side affects. But I can read jgw files on windows
now :-)


I have a vague recollection about reporting this or a similar bug many
moons ago.





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