[Gdal-dev] build bug

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jun 4 15:36:15 EDT 2003

April Shimitz wrote:
> Frank,
> I've just updated our copy of GDAL from code checked out from the
> remotesensing repository as of yesterday at 4:30pm. I just tried to run
> configure, but got the following error:
> configure[3736]: syntax error at line 3765 : `(' unexpected
> I looked at the line, but cannot see anything wrong with it; do you see any
> or have you had any trouble with the configure script?
> print \"-L%s/lib/python%s/config -lpython%s.dll" % (sys.prefix,
> sys.version[:3], sys.version[:3])'`"


Could you try escaping the quote after .dll?

Like: -lpython%s.dll\" %

Then rerun autoconf and see if configure works.  It works fine for me
despite this apparent bug ... not sure why.

Best regards,

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