[Gdal-dev] gdaltindex problems on Windows

Chip Hankley Chip.Hankley at rmtinc.com
Thu Apr 7 17:31:44 EDT 2005

Frank, et. al., 

I tried gdaltindex on a couple isolated images, and it seemed to work.
Apparently gdaltindex was choking in a couple of ways:

1) there were some tiles that were completely NODATA (all black edge
tiles, value of "1" I believe).
2) something about the tif format.

I deleted the NODATA tiles from the directory. I then tried to re-run
gdaltindex and received the following errors:

  The instruction at "0x77fcc024" referenced memory at "0x00000000".
The memory could not be "written".
  The instruction at "0x77fcc2c0" referenced memory at "0xd0001301".
The memory could not be "written".

I then ran gdaladdo on the TIFs in the directory, and reran gdaltindex.
It then worked. So, I'm assuming that gdaladdo re-creates or re-formats
the TIF in some way. I created the tiles from a single, larger image
using an AML in ArcInfo. So, I'm assuming that there is some issue with
ArcInfo generated TIFs.

For the record...


> Chip, 
> I would suggest you try some single files and see if you can narrow
> the problem down to just some of your files.  If you can get this
> to happen with a single "not too large" file, then let me know and
> I will see if I can reproduce the problem. 
> This could mean you have a corrupt TIFF file, or it could be
> in the way things are built for FWTools.  I would add I don't
> test gdaltindex.exe. 

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