[Gdal-dev] FWTools 0.9.8 Released

Frank Warmerdam fwarmerdam at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 18:29:53 EDT 2005


FWTools 0.9.8 has been related and is available for download from:


FWTools is a easy-to-install binary packaging of OpenEV, MapServer,
GDAL, PROJ, and OGDI with lots of options built-in and good python 

This is the usual "latest from CVS" release.  Noteworthy changes include:

 On Windows:

 o Use of the ECW 3.1 SDK, with the name of the DLLs renamed to 
    include _fw so they don't interfere with any older versions already
    installed in windows\system32 on windows as had been reported
    by several people. 

 o Included all the GTK related include files and stub libraries.  In theory
    this should make it fairly easy to use FWTools to build the OpenEV
    core against instead of folks having to build all the dependencies 

On Linux:

 o I was having problems with a message about libgcc_s.so not being
   properly installed and this interfering with pthread_cancel in the ECW
   library.  I think I have worked around this by moving the libgcc_s.so
   into $FWTOOLS_HOME/lib/fallback and putting it after /lib in the
   LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Apparently it is important to use the installed
   libgcc_s.so if it is available. 

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