[Gdal-dev] GetProjectionRef() returns an empty string.

Michele Sanges michele.sanges at otomelara.it
Wed Mar 16 07:48:04 EST 2005

Hi all,

I'm testing my program by means the example map files available at 
I'm comparing the result string returned by the 
GDALDataset::GetProjectionRef() method, with the same information 
printed out by the OpenEV program, for any of these files.
I notice that for some file, for example "/aaigrid/095b_dem_90m.asc", 
the string printed out is the same; for other files, for example 
"/ceos/ottawa_patch.img", the OpenEV program prints the projetion string 
while my call to GetProjectionRef() method return an empty string (not 
NULL). Does someone can give me some suggestions?

Michele Sanges

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