[Gdal-dev] Create Images with GDAL in C#

Jean Michel PIERRET jmp at geosys.com
Mon Nov 13 14:15:06 EST 2006



I've just tried to use the GDAL C#, it's ok to read images,   

But i have problem to create images, all my created images are empty.


public static void create(string file)


Driver dv;

      Dataset ds;

      Band ba;


      int bXSize, bYSize;

      int w, h;


      string [] options;


      w = 100;

      h = 100;


      bXSize = w;

      bYSize = 1;


      dv = gdal.GetDriverByName("GTiff");

      options = new string [] {"BLOCKXSIZE=" + bXSize, "BLOCKYSIZE=" +


      ds = dv.Create(file, w, h, 1, gdalconst.GDT_Float32, options);

      ba = ds.GetRasterBand(1);


      float [] buffer;

      buffer = new float [w * h];

      for (int i = 0; i < buffer.Length; i++)

            buffer[i] = i;


      b.WriteRaster(0, 0, w, h, buffer, w, h, 0, 0);









Thanks for your help and all your work on c# bindings.


PIERRET Jean michel.

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