[Gdal-dev] Opening E00 files

Devon Noonan devon at avenza.com
Tue Oct 31 14:53:04 EST 2006

To clarify a little, I used the ogrinfo tool from the fwtools install. I
also noted the commented out register call, and that is why I am confused. 

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In case you don't get any solid replies, I'm going to go out on a limb here.
I thought I saw in the latest CVS source that there is in fact a new
separate E00 driver now defined.  I have a vague memory of it being
integrated with the AVCBin driver before, but I'm not sure that it get's
compiled in by default.  I thought I saw a new E00 #define or something
similar when I was in that file last week manually setting #defines so I
could use non-default drivers (postgis) with Visual Studio .sln files.  I
made a note of it, because E00 import is something I'd like to add and would
prefer to do it within the OGR framework.


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Here is my situation; I originally used the ogrinfo utility to see if there
was support for the E00 sections that I am looking for. It opened the file
(not a binary source but a single e00 file) and gave me the sections back.
Excellent, no problems here. Now I have integrated it in to my program and
tried to open a file, it continually tells me that the file could not be
opened. I used the RegisterOGRAVCBin() call to initialize the driver. When
the driver tries to open the file it throws the error. Do I need to call in
to the AVC library before or after I try to open the file?

Any help would be appreciated!

Devon Noonan

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