[Gdal-dev] Save/restore Geo from a TIFF with GDAL?

Ben Discoe ben at vterrain.org
Tue Jan 9 00:54:35 EST 2007

In the GeoTIFF FAQ (http://remotesensing.org/geotiff/faq.html) under the
entry "How do I preserve GeoTIFF info when editing my image?", it explains
you can do this:

  listgeo -no_norm original.tif > original.geo
  geotifcp -g original.geo modified.tif modified_geotiff.tif 

For those of us with command-line tools from gdal but not from libgeotiff,
is it possible to do the same?  I tried to figure out how to do it with
gdal_translate, but it was not at all clear.


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