[Gdal-dev] Re: DXF to raster conversion

Grzegorz Wiktorowski oiok at brinkster.net
Tue Jan 9 04:39:29 EST 2007

>> I received DXF file and I need to convert to TIFF format. From 
>> description
>> of gdal_rasterize it seems to me it does not read DXF file.
> You can convert to eg. PS with 'pstoedit', then rasterize this in GIMP
> or with ImageMagick's 'convert'.

As far as I found on pstoedit's web site it converts PS to DXF. My source is 
DXF do I don't think pstoedit helps here.

>> I didn't find any tool to convert from DXF to OGR vector formats also.
> GRASS GIS has v.in.dxf module for DXF import and it can output to any
> OGR supported vector with v.out.ogr.
> If you go for GRASS, note there it has it's own tool for rasterising -
> v.to.rast. Next use r.out.gdal to export into any GDAL supported format.

OK. But GRASS does not runs on Windows OS, I'm affraid.


Grzegorz Wiktorowski 

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