[Gdal-dev] ECW "ecwp protocol updated" error

Lennox Antoine lxnyce at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 10:28:21 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I am field testing a product currently, and a user came across the
following error :

"I am trying to view this ecw server file

"when I press the "catalog" button, I keep getting this notice " Your
settings have been updated to support ecwp protocol and you need to
restart the application for settings to
take affect." I get this notice like 10 times, it just keeps popping up.

Is this an ECW integration problem, or more of an ECW SDK problem (in
which case I will have to try contacting them)?

I  looked into it and found similar issues here :

>From GlobalMappers webpage, I found this quote :
"If you get an error message indicating that your settings have been
updated to support the ECWP protocol whenever you try to load an ECW
layer from the web you need to download and install the latest ECW
ActiveX plugin from

I also found an Italian site which had the same problem using FWTools :

Interestingly enough, GDAL command line tools from fwtools work fine
with the ecwp protocol. I grabbed the lib, header and dll's from there
and made a thumbnail of the image above and it worked. I copied
gdal_translate into a new command line application and used the same
command, but I got the warning message.

The user also mentions that installing the ActiveX control gets rid of
the warning message, but the image still doesn't load.


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