[Gdal-dev] can not read WMS image

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Mar 22 11:54:10 EDT 2007

Clay, Bruce wrote:
> I am writing WMS and WFS classes to retrieve geospatial data and 
> images.  I get the feature data ok and I can receive images ok but I 
> can’t open any of the images after I retrieve them.  I have tried both 
> gif and jpeg,  both files appear ok in the sense that I can see the 
> GIF87 or JFIF markers where I expect them to be but neither Paint nor MS 
> image viewer can read them.
> Has anyone been successful connecting to a WMS server and pulling images 
> to save to disk?


Yes, I do this fairly routinely.

> Do I have to byte swap the data even though the markers appear correct?


> Does anyone know of a WMS server that supports geotiff images so I can 
> test against that?

The server with this capabilities url supports returning image/tiff (GeoTIFF).


> If this is not the correct forum could you please suggest a more 
> appropriate forum.

For general WMS developer type questions, you might consider this mailing


But I think your problems may relate to the specific technology and
techniques you are using.  You likely won't get much help without more
details, and perhaps attaching a smallishish example of a file you get
back that seems to be corrupt.

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