[gdal-dev] Trying to get BIGTIFF to work

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Thu Aug 14 10:54:24 EDT 2008

Hi gdal developers,

I am trying to get BIGTIFF to work.

When I use the configure script it tells me:

  LIBTIFF support:           external (BigTIFF=yes)
  LIBGEOTIFF support:        internal

It compiles and install fine.

I have to mention that I have both the older stable version installed
(libtiff 3.8.2-7ubuntu3 installed in /usr) and the newer version (libtiff 
tiff-4.0.0beta2 installed in /usr/local) - I told the configure script to
use the newer version (./configure --with-perl --with-python --with-xerces
--with-sqlite --with-pg=/usr/local/pgsql/bin/pg_config --with-geotiff

When I do a big file extract with gdal_translate, I get the following
error message:

gdal_translate -of GTIFF -a_srs EPSG:21781 -projwin 689000 252000 702000
242000 -co "BIGTIFF=YES" orthofoto_2006.img
Input file size is 56000, 44000
Computed -srcwin 0 0 52000 40000 from projected window.
Warning 6: Driver GTiff does not support BIGTIFF creation option
0ERROR 6: A 52000 pixels x 40000 lines x 3 bands Byte image would be
larger than 4GB
but this is the largest size a TIFF can be.  Creation failed.

So I wonder what went wrong with my compilation or library installation
that gdal can't use the BIGTIFF option, although the configure script
would tell me BIGTIFF=YES

I am on Ubuntu Server Hardy 64bit version.

Thank you for any hints on how to get bigtiff working on my systems,

Andreas Neumann
Böschacherstrasse 6, CH-8624 Grüt/Gossau, Switzerland
Email: a.neumann at carto.net, Web:
* http://www.carto.net/ (Carto and SVG resources)
* http://www.carto.net/neumann/ (personal page)
* http://www.svgopen.org/ (SVG Open Conference)
* http://www.geofoto.ch/ (Georeferenced Photos of Switzerland)

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