[gdal-dev] geotiff image problem

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The d in gdal15d-vc8 means debug version.  Run your IDE in release mode and
make sure the .dll file is in the same directory as your application .exe.
If you want to use the dll in debug mode, my suggestion is to get the source
code via SVN and compile it locally.  It's really easy to do if you read the
Windows build instructions on the gdal.org website. 




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Sorry for my last post.. I have made a bit of confusion! In the folder 'bin'
I have found the missed .dll, however I can't understand why does it not
find it.


2008/8/28 Silvia Marchesi <silviamarchesi at gmail.com>

Thanks a lot,!
Now I can compile, but when I try to run the program a message appears: 
"This application has failed to start because gdal15d-vc8 was not found.
Re-installing the application may fix the problem"

I have checked and in the folder I have downloaded (pre-installed
gdal151-vc8) there are only gdal_id-vc8.lib and gdal_i-vc8.lib.

Best regards,

2008/8/28 <mchapman at fortifieddatacom.com>



In your project properties in vs under the "Link" tab you need to add the
path to the file "gdal_i.lib".


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