[gdal-dev] Python bindings for 1.6.0

Jason Roberts jason.roberts at duke.edu
Wed Dec 10 18:50:56 EST 2008

First of all, many thanks and congratulations to the GDAL team for getting
the 1.6.0 release out the door. A special thanks to those of you who fixed
the OGR bugs I opened recently.


I am eager to try out the final release Python bindings for win32 for Python
2.4, 2.5, and 2.6. Do you know when these might be released? Currently, they
are available through pypi.python.org and easy_install for GDAL 1.5.2. Will
you be updating pypi with 1.6.0 anytime soon? Or is there a better way to
obtain them?


I would like to avoid building them myself, if possible. I know I can get
them from one of the GDAL build servers, but it appeared that the server
only built them for Python 2.5. I need them for both Python 2.4 and 2.5,
and, soon, Python 2.6.





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